3gm, Mighty Midget EDF 30 motors

This new motor has been specifically designed for the EDF 30mm Ducted fan units and feature a 6 pole stator. Weighing in at a mere 3gms ( W/O shroud and impeller ) it puts out 40gms of thrust from a 2cell Lipoly pack capable of approximately a 3amp current draw. The FR 250 batteries are a perfect match.

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This motor now makes true MICRO Jets possible! A separate plastic moulded adapter allows housing of the little motor into the EDF shroud. This adapter is sold with the motor. The motor is assembled in such a manner that the shaft comes out from the aluminum mounting tube end. The endbell and shaft assembly come out for easy installation. The following image should make assembling the motor easier, click on it for a larger image.


Mighty Midget 10/3/20T :





EP 1220*6





Mounting and installation pictures:


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