Prop Adaptor

Custom made, Moulded Delrin prop adapters for our Mighty Midget line of brushless motors


These collet type, custom made, moulded Delrin prop adapters are perfect for our motors. They come in 2 types; one suited for the larger bore (4mm) GWS 5*3 props, and the other for the smaller bore (3mm) GWS 6*3 and 7*3.5 props.

Installing the prop adapter

These prop adapters are very easy to use, just follow these steps for usage:

Step 1:

Parts involved during assembly: The nut, a washer, and the moulded adapter

Step 2:

Insert collet into prop bore. Make sure that the collet end of the adapter faces the motor bell. Make sure that the collet Hex aligns with the hex on the prop bore

Step 3- Incorrect:

Incorrect installation, hex not aligned with hex in prop bore

Step 3:

Correct installation, hex on collet and prop bore aligned.

Step 4:

Place washer onto adapter

Step 5:

Thread the plastic nut onto the adapter, DO NOT tighten yet. Note the gap between the collet hex and the prop hex, this is VERY important for proper functioning of the adapter. This gap keeps the collet open, so it’s easy to slip onto the shaft.

Step 6:

Push the prop assembly onto the shaft as shown. Hold the prop and push using the nut, this way, the collet remains open.

Step 7:

Tighten the nut. DO NOT over tighten or the threads can strip. Tighten until the adapter hex completely engages with the prop hex.

Step 8:

You are done! Now go fly your plane!

Removing the prop adapter:

These prop adapters are very easy to use, just follow these steps for usage:

Step 1:

Loosen the nut on the adapter and pull the prop outwards gently. When the prop comes back, the collet opens and the entire assembly just slides out.

Step 2:

Prop has been pulled back, note gap between prop and adapter hex keeping the collet open.

These steps were for the prop adapter for props with a 3mm bore. For props with the 4mm bore, just ignore the washer, the 4mm nut on the adapter is large enough by itself.


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